Jess (wingedchopstick) wrote,



*bites lip*
lol, I just wanted to make the expression >>

Oh, and its cell phone pics, the colour is a bit off >> its more red than it just cant see it >< its really close to my icon colour, but a bit browner

so yeah! heres my Liet wig progress~

comments and suggestions are welcome

Tags: cosplay, hetalia, lithuania
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I think it's looking good. :3
It looks awesome! ♥ Can you pony-tail it, in the end? :D
Yup!! I think i have a pic of the pony tail...lemme see, and Ill post it if i do :)
*glomps, Russia styleeee*
-falls over-

DX ♥
You're adorable and look kinda like me before I got my bangs trimmed and my hair layered a bit more a month ago, which is a little creepy.
hehe~ no whats creepy is my hair looks like Poland at the moment
...aaand that's what people told me I looked like at hetalia_rate's mirror theme, until they took my EXPRESSIONS into account and stamped me Switzerland.
aww but i love switzerland! hetalia_rate...i watch but i dont post anymore.
I don't even watch it. I'm just a member so I can participate in themes, ha.
You're adorable, Liet~!
hehe~ thank you
fkajsdfh;nadskjfb *dies dies dies*
*___* Absolutely perfect! 8Db Best Toris cosplay I've seen yet! and it's not even finished! keep it up!
XDD thank you~ hehe